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Many people in the body of Christ have disallowed the Holy Spirit from fulfilling His mission and purpose in their lives. According to the text, the Holy Spirit has a threefold mission, which is:. In order for the Holy Spirit to activate His presence in our lives, we must first love Jesus, which is demonstrated through obeying His commandments. It is so hard to believe that people are persuaded that because we are under the new covenant that is founded upon the grace of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and faith in His Word that we do not have any commandments to live by.

It is one thing to say you love God, and it is a whole different matter to show it! We all know God loves us, for He loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins, but the real question is how much do we love God in return? The following pages pgs.

Four-Fold Ministry – Part 3 – The Prophet’s Role | Acts Ministries

In that regard, it would be helpful to have read at least the basic statement in advance of the class. However, even if you do not have a chance to do so, there will be some time to review the statement in each class. How can I get a copy? There are a few copies on the Welcome Center in the Narthex. The statement is also available online at: www. But the reality is we also have a lot to learn from children. So this summer, we will take a look at some children of the Bible and what they can teach us today.

You'll also hear a couple guest preachers for a couple of these Sundays as well! This week, youth who attended the National Gathering will share some reflections from their time in Houston. Like last year, members from St. And if you would like to help out, we can always use volunteers! These words from Acts 2 came to mind as I began reflecting on what to say after worship on Pentecost when we welcomed four young women as adult members of Holy Spirit.

Indeed, the end of last year and beginning of this year have seen us welcoming more new faces to the congregation seventeen on March 11! In the summer months, we will welcome another group of new members as well thank you in advance for wearing your name tag. I am excited by this growth and the new faces at church, and I am also mindful of the emphasis Luke placed on teaching, fellowship, breaking bread together and praying together to create a strong church community. So as the summer months approach, I encourage you to make time for these four important components of our life together as Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.

On Good Friday, we hosted five other congregations in town as well as a member choir and chamber orchestra. Thank you to all who made that service and all of Holy Week such a meaningful remembrance of what Christ has done for us. In Adult Education on Sunday mornings, we have looked at the similarities and differences between Lutherans and other Christians, as well as between Lutherans and other religions. It will run approximately six weeks. In part, this is an attempt to create a central space for some of the services available to the community similar to a model established in Flushing.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

It would NOT affect any of our current outreach programming at Holy Spirit, but having such an outreach center could allow us to work with other congregations, area businesses and other non-profits like FISH to better support those in need in Grand Blanc. Speaking of community outreach, I am excited to be traveling with the youth and Briana to Houston for the Youth Gathering. We anticipate it being an amazing experience like previous Youth Gatherings, but still ask your prayers for us and all the participants. Later in the summer, I plan to lead a short sermon series like I did last year.

However, it is still in the early stages of development, so come to worship this summer and find out more!

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Also, this summer, I will submit my Doctor of Ministry dissertation proposal. If approved, I will be interviewing other ELCA congregations that have joined together with our full-communion partners for ministry in their surrounding community. While this does not affect our congregation at this time, it is clearly a growing trend especially in rural and urban contexts. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the staff, council members and ministry leaders at HSLC.

All believers are indwelt by the Spirit and led by the Spirit, therefore they live according to the Spirit as the regular pattern of their lives. As unbelievers do not have the Spirit, therefore they live according to the flesh as the regular pattern of their lives. The Holy Spirit prompts the believer through the Scriptures to obey God. The Holy Spirit convicts the believer through the Scriptures when he sins.

Who is the Holy Spirit? - Very Powerful Video

The Holy Spirit encourages and strengthens the believer through the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is available to empower the believer to turn away from sin and obey God when he is tempted. The gift of the Holy Spirit to the believer will not be taken away from the believer for any reason. Definition: The Filling of the Spirit is the Holy Spirit reading and empowering the believer as the believer submits to and trusts in God.

Ephesians The result of a believer being filled with the Spirit or walking by the Spirit is the fruit of the Spirit in his or her life. Galatians It is not an emotional experience in and of itself but can be experientially verified by the fruit of the Spirit it produces. The content of titusinstitute. You are permitted to reproduce and distribute this material in unaltered excerpts or articles, as long as you do not charge a fee and you give the following credit:.

Before establishing the Titus Institute, Ron Jones ministered as a full-time pastor for 20 years. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a B. As a person, He has an intellect, a will, and emotions.

2. The Holy Spirit Will Convict Both Unbelievers and Believers

The Holy Spirit acts in a way that only a person can act. He communicates and has relationships with other persons Acts , Acts He teaches other persons John , 1 Corinthians He performs miracles Acts B. The Holy Spirit is called God -- Acts 2. Matthew See study on the Trinity II. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit which is permanent The Holy Spirit plays an essential role in the salvation, daily life, and growth of the believer. The regeneration, baptism, sealing, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit all have common characteristics: 1. The are permanent and cannot be reversed.

The Fourfold Ministry of the Holy Spirit

They are acts totally of God. They are spiritual and positional experiences, not emotional ones. These are not felt, but the results can be.