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I knew that I was one of the least prepared students on that plane. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I had scrambled to catch up on what knowledge I could. It was clear within moments of setting foot in Rome that my lack of information was not going to be a problem for very long. As soon as our weary troupe of travelers stepped off the bus next to Teatro de Marcello , our professors started scanning the horizon with a strange glint in their eyes.

As a group, our energy was waning in the doldrums of jetlag, and all I could think about was finding a panino and a pillow. They could hardly wait to start explaining things to us, to let us in on their joy. Their love for the places we would see worked perfectly in tandem with my desire to learn; I was full of curiosity, and they were brimming with thoughts and information to share. Playtus himself was noticeably older than the other three. Behind him was a large man who looked like he could arm wrestle a Reclaimer and come out on top.

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I knew they were sisters already, but anyone looking at them could have guessed. They had the same raven hair and the same noses. Their eyes were glazed over, and they moved as if not entirely sure where they were. Now where I ask you, could the police have found a way to scan out my cargo so easily?

I shrugged. I can pay up front. Playtus glowered back at me, but a twinge of greed worked over and softened his features.

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They each took a side as it began to hover. They never seemed to be looking at what they were doing.

Their eyes creeped me out. We made our way to the living quarters. I have a rather rare vintage in my cargo. I listened to the doors hiss shut. I pulled a breathing mask off the wall as I keyed in some changes to the life-support systems. I heard the gas start to filter its way through the vents.

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I heard some sleepy sounds of panic in the next room, but they were brief. He spat out his drink as he scrambled to his feet. By the time he got to the pad, he had found the doors still closing and two men in white robes on their hands and knees, coughing furiously. Natus ran in. The woman scowled into the screen, but the corner of her mouth betrayed a smile.

Summon the ship!

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  4. Their safe? Get in position and wait for me to ping you. I had escaped orbit and was sitting high off one of the moons.

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    Gravity was turned off. Almost as if on que, an EMP rocked through the hull, overloading the already taxed systems on the old Constellation. Sparks from a cutting torch began to shoot through the lock on the port side, removing all doubt. Stand by! I cursed as I turned to face the soon to open door. The door slammed open, and a woman drifted through, crouching low. The first thing I noticed was her gun.

    The second thing I noticed was a lock of hair drifting down her cheek. Her mouth gaped slightly, and she looked like she was about to respond, but she decided to shoot not one full inch to the right of my head. How did you get away with your hair intact? I just needed time. I cursed loudly and trained my weapon around at the other airlock. You should probably find cover. Seeing people armed that he did not know, he immediately started trying to shoot them. Pope fired once before ducking under the rail. The shot caught him in the face plate which shattered.

    I saw him crouch on the roof behind the missile racks. His cheek was messed up, but he still looked alive and pissed.

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    You will give me my children immediately! If I must fire on you and risk them harm, then your death will not be a pleasant one. This prompted a bellow of rage from the bleeding sasquatch on the roof, which managed to spray blood around the gravity-free compartment.

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